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(A) Motor Amperage (I) Steel Gage Weight and Thickness Chart....

(B) Wire Size Amps (J) STEEL Drum Gage, MM, Weight

(C) Enclosure Specks. (K) Baldor Motor Reference Chart

(D) Conversion Inch/MM (L) Belden Conduit Capacity Chart

(E) Conversion Factors (M) Pulley And Belt Information CalculatorAmerican Wire Gauge Table

(F) Motor-Heaters-Size-Volts (N) .watco.com.mx/HTCPressureTemperatureChart.pdf

(G) Decimal/MM/Pipe (O) Bolt Torque Chart | Portland Bolt


(Q) Conversions and Aquarium Volume Calculator (R) Electrical Engineering Calculators

(S) Wire Voltage Drop (T) Maximum Locked-Rotor Currents - Three-Phase

(U) Standard Key Stock to Standard Bore Demensions (V) inch/mm CONVERSION CHART

(W) Minimum Steel Drum Thickness for DOT Hazardous Drums (X) Bolt Torque Chart

(Y) Cutler Hammer HEATER Chart (Z) Shot Used (AA)/Steel-Drum Thickness

(BB) Nema Electrical-Motor-Frame-Dimensions (CC) Calculate duration between two dates

(DD) Power/horsepower-to-atmospheres--cubic-foot-per-minutes (EE) ROLLER CHAIN SIZE CHART

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